Learning today
for a green tomorrow

The project Intergenerational Learning Communities towards Environmental Sustainability (ILCES) aims to contribute to achieving the goals set in the European Green Deal by introducing innovative learning approaches to educate all community members (students, parents and community, in general) on sustainability matters.

Our goals

To increase environmental awareness through an active, critical approach involving people of different age groups.

To increase digital competence of the involved target groups while boosting their awareness on environmental issues.

To support local community intergenerational learning providers with tools and resources on environmental sustainability.

To highlight innovative and effective models and approaches of intergenerational learning in local communities through environmental education activities.

The activities


Explore the existing situation, networks, activities carried out in the local community in the organisation of adult and intergenerational education.

Develop recommendations and guidelines for forward-looking community learning centres.

Challenge local communities to learn, discuss and understand the importance of behavioural change regarding environmental sustainability.

Establish long-lasting collaborations in the local community toward a better understanding and awareness of environmental issues and sustainable development.


“Make your lifestyle sustainable through intergenerational learning!”


Impulse handbook for intergenerational learning

Recommendations and guidelines for forward-looking community learning centres

The e-learning platform for intergenerational learning groups